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I’ve always told people that “What makes me a write is that I write.” It’s a skill shaped by much practice. My writing career started in third grade with a short story about aliens landing in my backyard. Today my writing portfolio includes community reporting, social commentary, children’s picture books, and blogging. I’ve included a collection of my writings below.

Clean Water for Elirose, published in September 2010.

This is a children’s picture book on the topic of clean drinking water. It is a great way to present a concrete example of the impacts of global poverty to young children and create discussion on what we can do to help.

The book is available to order online (and Amazon).

Read Clean Water for Elirose Online – Lead Reporter and Editor for north Minneapolis community news outlet.
Geez Magazine – Articles include Who’s That Yellow Bird?On Raising Activist Children

Conspire Magazine – Feast Of Fools (Summer ’09)

Twin Cities Daily Planet – Several community reporting stories available here.

Trying to Follow – My personal blog, visit or subscribe.

Giving Up, published in March 2008, is my first fiction novel.
The book is available on Amazon.
You can also read an excerpt of the first three chapters online.

Relevant Magazine. (2005-2007)