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Web Consultant

I have been working on web projects for a number of years, designing, marketing, and now consulting. My interest and passion is to help non-profits and organizations utilize the web and social media to impact the community. If you’d like to meet to discuss your organizations web needs, please contact me.

Williston State College Foundation sought to revamp their website to better connect with alumni and donors. I created a WordPress-based site that included flash elements, PayPal integration, a dynamic sidebar and more.

After working at Monroe Harding for two years as an Education Coordinator, I helped them rebuild their website. The new site allows for easy updating, contact forms and a blog. We’ve also implemented Facebook and MySpace connectivity.

Writer, actor and teacher, Louis Porter II, needed a design portfolio. I built a simple customized site. The site includes embedded video, thickbox image viewing and Mp3 audio.

Bryan Clark, potter extrodinaire, had many high quality images of his pottery work that he needed to display. I built a simple one page portfolio page with a dynamic gallery viewer.