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Pixel Issues

March 5, 2018

Gonna start by saying I’m a fan of Google. Kinda live in their eco-system and even bought a stock that’s done well for me. so when the Pixel came along I was pretty jazzed. It’s been my first high end smartphone and I’ve been really happy with it, particularly the camera.

But, a while ago it started having issues with the microphone. Hard to hear calls, Ok Google basically useless, and other issues. It wasn’t the worst thing, but it’s been pretty frustrating. And Verizon hasn’t been much help.

Update: Verizon/Google replaced my phone. Turns out the mic thing is a “known issue” so replacement phone on the way.

Update 2 (February 2019): Grrr… New phone is having issues. Lasted several months before it started rattling when it vibrated, like something was broken inside. Has mic issues again same as before as far as I can tell. Verizon says it’s out of warranty and won’t replace it, even though it was essentially less then a year old at this point.